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GW Research Days Abstract Deadline

Research Days 2016

GW Research Day Abstract Submission Deadline is February 28th

Have you submitted your abstract yet for the upcoming GW Research Day 2016? Abstract submission deadline is February 28th and if you are still unsure whether your research should be part of GW Research Day – read the following FAQs to help answer your questions. Still need help? Stop by the Himmelfarb Library References desk or go to GW Research Day 2016 FAQs.

Abstract submission FAQs

  • What if my research is in progress and will not be completed before March 30th?
    Answer: Your research should either be in progress now or recently completed.

    • In Progress: If your results and/or conclusions are unknown, you can state that research is ongoing. The premise for Research Days is for students to showcase their research and we expect that some students will still be completing their work.
    • Completed: If your research is completed you should include your results and conclusions.
  • How do I know if my research is appropriate to submit?
    Answer: The best method to determine if your research is appropriate is to firstspeak to your GW advisor/mentor or PI on the study who should be able to assist you in identifying whether your work is appropriate for submission.

    • Mentor/Advisor: You are required to submit the name(s) and email of your mentor/advisor when submitting your abstract.
    • Approval Requirement: Approval from your mentor and/or advisor is required.
  • Is there a template for the GW Research Day abstract?
    Answer: No, there is not a template but there is a 400 word count limit. We do recommend you following the basic practices for scientific methods when creating your abstract.


(Approval Requirement: Approval from your mentor and/or advisor is required.)

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