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What to Ask a Rep at the Health Professions School Recruitment Fair

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Going to the GW Health Professions Fair and wondering what in the world to ask a rep while you are there? Here are some ideas. Pick one or two to start a conversation!

1. How would you describe the culture of the school?
2. What is the relationship like between faculty and students? Are there mechanisms through which students can address concerns?
3. What are the student housing options at your program (on and off campus)?
4. What do students do for fun or to deal with stress at your school?
5. What kind of student is a “good fit” for your program (beyond test scores and GPA, etc.)? How would you describe someone who would “feel at home” there?
6. How do you evaluate multiple test scores (MCAT, GRE, etc.) in the admissions process?
7. What percentage of students have taken time off after college before matriculating?
8. What clinical opportunities are offered? Are there clinical opportunities abroad?
9. What kind of support do you provide for students who struggle academically?
10. What kind of structures are in place for students who are facing personal/life circumstances that are disruptive to their education?
11. What is special about the character or ambiance of your school?
12. What do students like most about your program? Least?
13. How do most of your students pay for your program? Do you anticipate a tuition increase?
14. Do you have any loan repayment assistance programs for graduates who commit to working with under-served populations?


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