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Virginia Emergency Medicine Associates scribe program

From a senior scribe at VEMA:

Scribing for VEMA is an excellent experience for a student seeking to take a gap year prior to matriculation into graduate school. Scribes have the unique opportunity to observe and work directly alongside physicians. During each shift the scribe is paired with a single ED physician, and accompanies them to the bedside of each patient, allowing for unparalleled clinical exposure. VEMA in particular is an excellent opportunity because the program is composed of a small group (about 13 scribes). Unlike many national scribing companies, this close knit group facilitates the building of strong teaching relationships with the physicians. As a scribe for VEMA, I feel as if I am seen as more than just an employee, but also as a student and future healthcare provider. As a testament to the quality of the program, VEMA scribes have historically had a very strong record of admission into health related gradate schools after completion of the program.

Consider applying to be a scribe through VEMA, an excellent gap year opportunity!



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