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Need help getting started with your HPAC Application? Learn more about BCPMs, Personal Statements, Resumes, and more!

photo2Dear Mr. Moody,

I am looking at the HPAC application and have so many questions!   How do I know if I meet the minimum 3.2 BCPM GPA requirement for HPAC?  Where can I get help with my Personal Statement?  And I have very little experience with interviews- is there anyone that can help me prepare for my interview and give me feedback on my resume?  Please help!

Sincerely yours,

HPAC Hopeful


Dear HPAC Hopeful,

These are all great questions to ask as you’re approaching the HPAC process.  Let me break things down for you here:

How to find your BCPM:  BCPM stands for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math (to include Statistics).  To find your BCPM, use a GPA Calculator and enter the number of credits and grade earned for each Biology, Chemistry, Physics, & Math course.  NYU has a great page that breaks everything out and has a BCPM calculator to help! If you have questions, you can always ask your Pre-Health Advisor.

Help with Personal Statement:  The GW Writing Center is a great resource for you!  They can check for grammar and give you feedback on content.  The Personal Statement you’re asked to write for HPAC has a similar prompt as the one you’ll write for medical/dental schools.  So looking at the AAMC’s webpage on Personal Statements can help you fine-tune your topic.

Interview/Resume Preparation: GW’s Career Services will review your resume and help you prepare for your interview before the big day.  How you present yourself at your interview is very important and preparation is key, and help is there if you seek it out!

And don’t forget- your Pre-Health advisor can answer any other questions you have about the process!

Best of luck!

Mr. Moody



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