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I Signed Up For The Health School Fair And I Have No Idea What To Do When I Go

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Did you somewhat mindlessly sign up for the GW Health Professions Fair just because some advisor told you that you should? Are you a victim of social media pressure? Are you wondering what in the world to do when you walk into the Smith Center on Tuesday? Here are some tips:

1)      Check the list of programs (not exhaustive but it captures most of them). Pick one or two that you are most interested in and find out a little bit about them ahead of time.
2)      Ask questions! Come prepared with just one or two questions to ask representatives. This can allow you to compare what programs have to offer.
3)      Take as much or as little time as you need. The fair is 3 hours, but treat it like an open house. Come when you can and visit with a few reps for 10 minutes or hit a bunch of tables and stay for hours. Either is fine!
4)      Go visit a representative from a program you don’t know much about, you may be surprised to find that it would be a perfect fit for you.
5)      Dress professionally. This is not an interview, but it shows representatives that you are serious in your intentions
6)      Take a moment to chat with professional organizations that run application procedures (i.e. AACOM and AAMC). They are happy to answer questions about admissions and provide individualized tips and advice.
7)      Ask what makes an applicant a good fit for their program, beyond the numbers (GPA, test scores, etc.)


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