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A GW Student’s Reflections on the Health Professions Fair

Allison Hockman will be graduating from GW this spring with a major in Public Health and a minor in Biology. She will be attending University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. Below is her reflection on the GW Health Professions School Fair last year:

Are you applying to a health professions program this spring? Are you interested in exploring the different programs and options that exist? Or are you unsure of whether a health professions program is the right choice for you? Then the Health Professions School Fair is where you need to be.

Last year, the fair could not have come at a better time for me. I was stuck at a crossroads, getting ready to apply to medical school but unsure of exactly where I wanted to apply. As a busy student, it is difficult, if not impossible to travel and visit programs to discover if they may be the right fit for you. The Health Professions Fair is a unique opportunity where various health professions programs gather at your doorstep.  It is the opportunity to ask questions, learn about programs that may interest you, explore programs that may not have even registered on your radar, and get advice about test preparation tools or application tips.  One thing that I found most valuable was listening to how representatives or even students from the program talk about their program. You can gain a lot of valuable information through self-research on the web, however listening to someone speak about their program or their experiences within the program is both invaluable and insightful.  This fair gave me the opportunity to engage with representatives from various programs face-to-face, allowing me to better determine if the culture and offerings of each program fit my needs and expectations.

The fair is truly diverse in that it caters to the unique interests of various health profession paths.  There was great representation from all tracks, from osteopathic medicine programs for myself, allopathic medicine programs for my roommate, to graduate programs in public health for my friend. Students interested in all health profession tracks were able to find program representatives to engage with.

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