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Mr. Moody Answers Your Last-Minute HPAC Questions

photo2 Dear Mr. Moody,
I am working on my HPAC application and I’ve got last-minute questions. The instructions are pretty clear, but I think Amy and Jessica may have missed a few details. Can you help, please? I’m kind of freaking out.

Dear HPACer,
Happy to help! Amy and Jessica try to think of everything, but they are human. Sometimes not every situation is fully anticipated and every question answered. I’ve responded to your questions below.

Q: If I just took one course at another school, do I need to upload the transcript? What if it was in high school?
If it’s just one class, and not a science or math, then don’t worry too much about it. Especially if it was a dual credit class in high school. But the committee really needs to see all of your Chem, Bio, Physics, Math, and Stat grades.
Q: What ID number do I use if I haven’t opened my application account yet?
If you are applying to MD programs, you can set up a AAMC ID through www.aamc.org before starting the application. Your AAMC ID is the same as an AMCAS ID (likewise for other professions, the association ID is the same as the application system ID). If you are applying to DO programs, you won’t be able to get an AACOM ID until you open the application in June. So, don’t worry. You can let Amy or Jess know your AACOM ID once you get it later. If you are applying for a program that is not MD, DO, or Dental  (there are a few of you), put in an I.D. number if you have one.
Q: What if I haven’t met with a pre-health advisor by Feb. 28?
The requirement is that you have met with your pre-health advisor at least once during the academic year. If you are L-Z, that would have been Sarah or now, Jessica. If A-K, that would be Amy. So if you haven’t met with your advisor prior to Feb. 28, you need to meet with them prior to your interview. If you are not in the area, you can schedule a phone appointment. This is meant for your own good. It’s really helpful to have a person-to-person conversation with your pre-health advisor to make sure that applying now is the right step for you.
Q: If I met with Sarah during the current academic year before she abandoned me, do I also have to meet with Jessica?
Easy one! No!
Q: I’ve got a draft of my personal statement. Will Amy or Jessica take a look at it?
They won’t. They aren’t trying to be mean. But since they sit on the committee it’s just not appropriate to offer advice on part of the application they’ll be evaluating. Also, if they opened that door they just wouldn’t be able to turn feedback around very quickly and you would probably get annoyed. They think it would be a great idea if you have someone read it though! And, if you’d like, they can give it a quick look-over for feedback if you want to tweak it before submitting your med/dental application in the summer.
Q: The application instructions say to submit my transcript after Fall 2012 grades are in. Is this a typo?
Thanks for pointing that out! Amy just noticed it.
Q: In the Interfolio Instructions document, under “How do I upload…” it says to include data form and signature page, personal statement, expanded statements, and supplemental responses. What are “expanded statements”? I don’t see that in the application…
Oops. Some of that is old language from last year’s application format. Jess and Amy are feeling pretty badly about any confusion that may have caused and they’ve already corrected it.
Q: The Interfolio Instructions also say all those things above need to be submitted in that order and as a PDF. Does the order matter that much?
No, the order doesn’t matter that much. And if you don’t have capability to convert to a PDF, a Word document is fine. The most important thing to the committee is that you have those components of your application in a SINGLE document. Believe me, that makes them really happy.
Q: The deadline for the application is midnight on Feb. 28th. Does that mean 11:59pm on Feb. 28 or 12:00am on Feb. 28?
Yes, Amy and Jessica have actually gotten this question before. Turns out, they don’t care how you interpret “midnight on Feb. 28th.” But you better have it in BEFORE Feb. 29.
Q: What happens after I submit my application? How can I be sure it has been received?
This question is answered under the “Interview Process” heading on the first page of the application. How about that!
Q: How do I schedule an interview?
See above.
Q: What advice do you have for the interview?
That’s part of the idea behind the “meet with your pre-health advisor during the academic year” requirement. They can give you advice in that meeting. Actually, Jess and Amy won’t let me be involved at all, so I don’t have any first-hand experience. Though personally I think having a stress ball available during the interview could be helpful. Of course, I am much more than a stress ball. But I digress…
Q: Will my entire HPAC application become part of my application to health profession programs?
Nope. Only your LOR’s and the committee letter. This is detailed under the “Committee Letter Packet” heading on the first page of the application.
Q: Interfolio doesn’t seem to be working right for me. What do I do?
Those Interfolio people are actually really helpful for technical questions. You can call them at (877) 997-8807 between 9 and 5, M–F.



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