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Ask Mr. Moody

Mr. Moody Tries Not to Freak Out

photo2So, if any of you have had an appointment with Sarah in the last two months, you probably noticed that her office moved to Phillips 107. And if you’re like me, you were probably thinking, “What the heck is going on? Why is she in the general academic advising office? I don’t like change.” Brace yourselves.

Beginning February 3, Sarah will no longer be the Health Professions Advisor for L-Z.

Before you panic, let me explain why this is actually a good thing.

1. Jessica Porras will be taking over for Sarah. Jessica is awesome. She’s been a CCAS Academic Advisor for three years and knows everything about GW. Jess will be sitting in on Sarah’s appointments for the next three weeks and will have access to all of Sarah’s notes. So, she’ll know just how awesome all of you are.

2. Jessica is the most organized person in the world. She has spreadsheets for everything and literally never forgets anything. Seriously. She. Forgets. Nothing.

3. Jessica is super nice. Like the nicest person ever. She will only crush your dreams when absolutely necessary.

So, in conclusion. Get excited!!! Jessica Porras will be the best Health Professions Advisor you could ask for. Seriously.


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