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Thinking of Doing Clinical Work Abroad?

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Students often get the chance to pick up a new language or learn to navigate a strange city while studying abroad. Mary, a pre-med student at the University of Minnesota, helped deliver a baby.

She was so proud of the experience, which occurred during a visit to a health clinic in South America as part of a trip sponsored by a student organization on the Twin Cities campus, that she later wrote about it in her medical-school application.

Minnesota officials, however, were far from pleased. In fact, they included Mary’s story (it’s not her real name) in an online course they developed to highlight ethical and legal issues in health-related programs overseas.

Over the past decade, the number of American students in health fields going abroad has nearly tripled, with many opting for programs that take them out of the classroom and into clinics and hospitals. But as participation has increased, so, too, have educators’ concerns.

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