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5 Tips for Getting into PA School

physician-assistantWe know there are a decent number of you out there interested in the Physician Assistant career path! And why? Less debt, more flexibility, better work-life balance…just to name a few! We thought you might be interested in a PA’s reflections on tips for getting into PA school. She has some really helpful thoughts and we hope you’ll consider them. Among them, look into programs early (even freshman year!). Also, did you know GW has one of the highest ranking PA programs in the country? Check it out here! Keep in mind that they prefer applicants have at least 1,000 hours of direct patient care experience, so, like many programs, it may be best to apply after some time out of college with further direct care experience under your belt.

Remember that Sarah and Amy are happy to talk to you about your interest in a Physician Assistant career!


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