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Last-minute HPAC Questions Answered!

Because we're sure you are filling out your HPAC application with a pen.

Because we’re sure you are filling out your HPAC application with a pen.

Those of you working on your HPAC application may encounter some last-minute doubts/questions about how the process works. We thought we’d answer a few of those questions, as our in-boxes indicate they may be representative of a number of you 🙂

Do I need to send my application somewhere after I upload it to Interfolio? Nope! As long as you have correctly affiliated with “The George Washington University Pre-Health Program”, once you upload it, we will have access to it. All done!

Crap! I accidentally affiliated with “The George Washington University” instead of “The George Washington University Pre-Health Program”! Take a deep breath. Email Interfolio or call them to fix it. They’re pretty responsive. As long as you upload your app by the deadline, once your affiliation is corrected, we’ll see that you submitted on time.

How will I know for sure that my application is there and you can see it and there aren’t any issues? You know what they say…don’t call us, we’ll call you. On Monday Sarah and I will check out everyone who has uploaded an HPAC application and we will email everyone to confirm that you are all set. If you do NOT get an email from Amy or Sarah (sent to your GW email account) by the end of the day on Monday, please be in touch with us ASAP so we can get to the bottom of the issue.

Do I need to print out that data form and signature page, sign it, and then scan it so you have my actual John Hancock? Nah…just type in your name.  If you are using the PDF form of the app and have Adobe trouble with filling in that box, don’t sweat it. We believe it’s from you.

What if I exceed the 8 line limit for the supplemental short answer questions? Will my application be disqualified? Will you hate me forever? Ok, if you exceed the limit (by a line or two) a few times, no biggie. If you consistently write more than 8 lines, we will be annoyed. If you write 8 lines in teeny, tiny font that we have to squint to read…well, that’s just bad form and not a good idea at all.

I still have a question that you haven’t answered! Can I email you? You can expect a response from Amy (A-K) or Sarah (L-Z) if you email us by 4pm on Friday. No email responses after that time though. And remember, we’ll confirm with you on Monday about receiving your application.


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